This powerful Artifact was created before the days of the Knights of the Frozen Fang. It came into being when the sorcerer Brom threw a stone of teleportation into a swirling mass of necrotic energy. The magical reaction caused a large explosion which killed several yetis and injured the party, leaving behind an amount of highly reactive magical resin. This liquid was brought to the Coran Dur Alchemy Guild, who compressed it into a singular gem, while adding reagents to stabilize its magical energies. Thus, the Gem of Necroport was created.


The Gem proved to be a valuable asset to the newly formed KoFF, and was utilized as a mode of travel until it was discovered that the explosions it caused grew in size proportionally with the number of times an individual had used it. The Paladin Rhulitir also discovered that the stone slowly caused a necrotic corruption of individuals using the stone.

The stone was then forgotten for a long time, as it was deemed too dangerous for regular use. its next large scale use was in transporting the young aboleth royalty to the city of Coran Dur, which caused the death of the aquatic youth.

Rhulitir held onto the stone until Mogaru was summoned from the heavens and began to rampage through the forests to the Northeast of Come. He then used the stone in a kamikaze-style plan to take down the massive beast along with himself. The plan backfired, as Mogaru's ability to absorb elemental energies caused it to take in the necrotic power that bombarded it, creating a new creature altogether. The stone has not been seen since this event, and is presumed lost, but still in existence somewhere.